2017-2018 University Catalog

Financial Information

Charges 2017-2018

Undergraduate Tuition & Fees
12 to 18 credit hours $12,050/semester
Tuition per credit hour, 1-11 credits $760
Tuition per credit hour, 18.5 or more* $520
Tuition per audit hour $60
Online college courses per credit hour $465
Reno Tuition per credit hour $375
College Student Government Fees
Less than six credits $85
Six or more credits $170
Graduate School Programs
Tuition per credit hour $565
Online per credit hour $500
Seminary Programs
Master’s programs per credit hour $520
D.Min. program per credit hour $545
Tuition per audit hours $60
Seminary Student Government Fees
Four or more credits Portland campus $55
Technology Fees
Less than six credits $60
Six or more credits $120
Room & Board - Residence Halls
19 meals per week $4,280/semester
13 meals per week $3,880/semester
Rates are for 2 or 3 students per room. Single room add $400 per semester.
Ambassador Apartment Housing (Single students)
Room in a 2 bedroom apartment $3,145/semester
Room in a 3 bedroom apartment $2,900/semester
Room in a 4 bedroom apartment $2,540/semester
Accommodations are private bedrooms in a shared apartment. Students sign a nine-month lease agreement at the beginning of fall semester, with a three-month lease agreement offered at the end of the academic year for those staying through the summer. Exceptions made for spring entry.

*Student Affairs Committee approval required to take more than 18 hours.

Other Fees

Health Insurance

Traditional undergraduate students who qualify for the required student health insurance plan will be charged per semester, unless they show proof of comparable coverage and waive the plan. Fees are as follows:

  • Fall semester (8/15/17 – 12/31/17): $832.00
  • Spring semester (1/1/18 – 8/14/18): $1,353.00

All other students (DCP, seminary, graduate) can enroll in the student health insurance plan on a voluntary basis and will be charged the following fee:

  • Fall semester (8/15/17 – 12/31/17): $1,102.00
  • Spring semester (1/1/18 – 8/14/18): $1,793.00

Individual courses may have additional required fees. These will be listed with the individual course or lab in the online schedule.

Other small incidental fees may apply for such things as diplomas and multiple changes in registration.

Typical Costs

The charge for a full-time student living on campus for one school year (meal plan) is $32,440.

Your personal budget should also include amounts for books and supplies (est. $1000), transportation (est. $1500) and miscellaneous personal expenses. The listed amounts are estimated average expenses individual amounts may differ.

Meal Plans

Believing that good nutrition ¬≠facilitates the learning process, the university requires all students living in the residence halls to purchase a meal plan. The Gold Meal Plan which is 19 meals per week is for freshmen and sophomores. Junior and seniors may choose between the Gold Meal Plan and the Silver Meal Plan (13 meals a week). Students have access to the cafeteria Monday through Friday, and weekends during scheduled hours. Also, included in the meal plan is a flex credit. This is a credit on the student’s ID card that can be used in the café or cafeteria. For more information about residence life and meal options, please browse the “Undergraduate Residence Halls” or the “Graduate Residence Halls” section of the Multnomah University website. In addition, our food service provider, Pioneer Catering, offers a number of commuter meal plans for non-resident students. Plans and associated costs can be found on the Multnomah University website under “Dining Services”.

Financial Planning

In addition to the minimum down payment required, students in apartment-style housing should reserve funds to cover expenses of moving, a month’s advance rental, and day-to-day living. A month’s wages in reserve is recommended to cover the interim while securing employment or waiting for frequently delayed veterans benefits.