2018-2019 University Catalog

Academic Calendar

Fall Semester, 2018

May 19, June 15 or August 10

New College Student Registration

August 22

Graduate and Seminary Orientation

August 23-26

College Orientation

August 27

Classes Begin

August 27


September 5

College Kick-off

September 25*

College Half-Day of Outreach or Seminary Half-Day of Prayer

October 12-15

Mid-Semester Break

November 5-16

Registration for Spring (current students)

November 13*

University Half-Day of Prayer

November 22-23

Thanksgiving Vacation

November 26

Classes Resume

December 10-14

College Final Examinations

December 14

Fall Graduation and Close of Fall Semester

Session 01A

August 27-Classes Begin

October 21-Classes End

Session 01B

October 22-Classes Begin

December 16-Classes End

Spring Semester, 2019

January 4

College Orientation Seminary Orientation

January 7

Classes Begin

January 21

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday and Service Opportunity

March 25-29

Spring Vacation

April 1

Classes Resume

April 1-12

Registration for Fall (current students)

April 19

Good Friday Holiday

April 22-26

College Final Examinations

April 26

Baccalaureate Chapel Commencement and close of Spring Semester

Session 01A

January 7-Classes Begin

March 3-Classes End

Session 01B

March 4-Classes Begin

April 28-Classes End

Summer Semester, 2019

April 29 - August 18

June 10-21

Seminary Summer Classes One-and two-week modular courses

Session 01A

April 29-Classes Begin

June 23-Classes End

Session 01B

June 24-Classes Begin

August 18-Classes End

*Classes are held in morning or afternoon on Half-Days of Prayer or Half-Days of Outreach