2018-2019 University Catalog


Multnomah seeks to admit students who have received salvation by faith in Jesus Christ and desire to prepare themselves for a lifetime of effective Christian ministry. A student’s registration is regarded as an agreement to abide by the institution’s specific guidelines detailed in the student handbook.

Multnomah recognizes that while such man-made regulations cannot improve an individual’s standing with Christ, they can strengthen the life and testimony of both the student and the college he or she represents. To this end, Multnomah expects undergraduate students to refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and gambling in all of its forms. Graduate students are permitted to consume alcoholic beverages off campus, but must refrain from the use of tobacco and gambling in all its forms. This limitation does not apply between semesters or during the summer unless you are attending summer classes. Students are prohibited from consuming or storing alcohol on Multnomah’s campus at all times. Multnomah is also a drug-free campus. Although marijuana has been legalized in the state of Oregon, the use, sale, or production of marijuana on Multnomah’s campus is strictly prohibited. Students who have a prescription for medical marijuana should meet with the Dean of Students to discuss the management of the medication while enrolled at Multnomah University. The school’s rationale for its standards of conduct and appearance and further details concerning these standards are found in the student handbook, which is available on Multnomah’s website.

In community, our actions and attitudes do impact one another. Growth in the body of Christ often comes through accountability. Because Multnomah is a tight-knit community built on Biblical principles and comprised of growing individuals, the student conduct process exists to channel misconduct into redemptive and educational outcomes.

Student Appeals

The student handbook identifies the process through which a student can appeal decisions made by either the Student Life department or the Academic Standing Committee.

Campus Safety

Multnomah’s Campus Safety department provides continual patrol and protection of the campus. An annual report is available disclosing­ data on crimes, and describing security and safety ­policies and procedures.