2018-2019 University Catalog

Service Learning

Connect your calling to your career! At Multnomah University, we’re committed to helping you find your vocational calling so you can be an agent of change wherever you go. One of the ways we accomplish this is through our LINK Program. The LINK Program is designed to connect you to businesses, nonprofits and ministry organizations that need volunteers or interns. It’s a great way for you to gain hands-on experience that builds off your classroom learning.

As a Multnomah student, you’re required to accrue a specific amount of LINK hours prior to graduation (go to multnomah.edu/LINK to view your unique requirements).

You can accumulate your hours by collaborating with LINK Partners in multiple ways: volunteer at a church, ministry or nonprofit — or connect to a potential career by working as an intern (paid or unpaid). Our goal is to serve the local community while helping you discover your vocational fit.

Required Credits

Multnomah, like many universities, requires practical community based learning. For graduation, all bachelor programs require six semesters credits. Each semester students need to complete 20 service/internship hours. i.e. called a “LINK Project.”

The number of required service learning credits required may be decreased for students with transfer credits. Please check with registrar for the questions regarding transfer credits.

LINK Sites 

There are many available opportunities in the greater Portland/ Vancouver area to gain practical ministry and or vocational opportunities. The LINK program is a part of the Student Life department and can assist students in finding opportunities through LINK partners, LINK Expo held each semester and our online resource, OptimalResume.com.