2018-2019 University Catalog

University Housing

At Multnomah University, we view our campus housing as an extension of the classroom. Some of the greatest lessons students learn happen while living in community with one another. Additionally, research concludes that living in university housing has a positive influence on a student’s grade point average, level of involvement in campus activities, graduation rate, and satisfaction with his or her collegiate experience. For these reasons, Multnomah housing staff strives to foster a living environment conducive to academic, relational, and spiritual growth unique to our students’ differing programs and stages of life.

Residence Halls

Most single undergraduate students are housed in our Residence Halls. Residential staff-to-student ratios are kept low to provide an intentional discipleship-based program where students can bring what they’re learning in the classroom right into where they live. Because of the significant impact campus housing has on a student’s college experience, single undergraduate students under the age of 21 and enrolled in 9 or more credits per semester are required to live in campus housing.

Rates and meal plans are available online. All furnishings, utilities, and Wi-Fi are included.

Priority housing is given to students who apply for housing by May 1 (or December 1 for spring semester). Housing agreements are for the entire academic year (9 months). Please see the housing web pages for more information. The Residence Halls close between fall and spring semesters and in the summer. Exceptions to the housing requirement are made for students living with parents and sometimes for students with extenuating circumstances. Appeal forms are obtainable on the MU website or the Student Life office.

Ambassador Apartments

In the Ambassador, single students of the same gender ages 21 and up share two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartments. Built in 2012, these unfurnished units boast hardwood floors, granite counter tops, spacious living areas, onsite laundry, community room, secure bike storage, and many environmentally conscientious construction features. All utilities and Wi-Fi are included in the per room rate. The agreement term covers both fall and spring semesters. Please see the housing webpages for more information.

Off Campus Housing

The Student Life office maintains a list of available non-Multnomah rentals and rooms for rent in the area. This information is available in person or by e-mail at housing@multnomah.edu.

Commuter Life

Approximately 60 percent of Multnomah’s student body are commuters. Because we recognize the additional commitment this population has to attend classes at Multnomah, we provide resources, programming, and facilities that help meet their practical needs while also helping them connect to the greater Multnomah community.