2018-2019 University Catalog

Master of Divinity Chaplaincy

Because of its practical, balanced approach to ministry training, Multnomah’s Master of Divinity program offers an ideal curriculum of professional preparation for institutional chaplaincy. Virtually all of the M.Div. courses provide the framework of biblical knowledge, ministry skills, and professional expertise essential to success in the chaplaincy. The M.Div. Chaplaincy is a particular seminary educational track provided for those entering military or hospital chaplaincy.

Chaplaincy Options

Students are admitted through the general M.Div. admission requirements. Students interested in chaplaincy may choose from various alternatives. Some students plan to enter the military chaplaincy with a certain branch of the armed services. Other chaplaincy options include a prison chaplaincy, law enforcement chaplaincy, fire and rescue chaplaincy, elder care chaplaincy, and hospital chaplaincy. Office chaplains are being hired by large corporations. Students should consult with a curriculum advisor or department chairperson for course recommendations.

It is recommended that any potential military chaplain contact the specific branch of service they are interested in as to the educational requirements for chaplain candidacy before beginning any program.

The M.Div. Chaplaincy waives the biblical language requirement for students who can certify chaplaincy ministry trajectory.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

Hospital chaplaincy usually requires Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) from a certified Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) training hospital. Students can earn 1 unit of CPE through MM 790 Mentored Ministry. ACPE board certification requires 4 CPE units beyond an earned Master of Divinity degree. See ACPE website for details (www.acpe.edu).

Normally, to earn one unit of CPE, the student must intern at a hospital for 400 hours (ten 40-hour weeks or twenty 20-hour weeks). Some programs allow students to take a half-unit, or 240 hours.

Although Multnomah does not offer CPE training, the student may waive the required 4 credits of mentored ministry (MM 750-760) and take one unit of CPE. Students choosing this option would then register for Chaplaincy Internship (MM 790, two credits for two semesters). One-half unit of CPE is equivalent to two credits of MM 790. One unit of CPE is equivalent to four credits of MM 790. Therefore, the student needs to take one unit of CPE. Multnomah will pay the required CPE fees to the appropriate hospital.

Portland has several hospitals that offer fine CPE programs. Contact the chaplaincy program director for further information.

Multnomah Biblical Seminary has a working agreement with Healthcare Ministries of America which provides clinical pastoral training for students in the chaplaincy program.