2018-2019 University Catalog

The Institute for Cultural Engagement: New Wine, New Wineskins

Founded in 2000, The Institute for Cultural Engagement: New Wine, New Wineskins, directed by Dr. Paul Louis Metzger, is an official program of Multnomah University and Biblical Seminary. New Wine is dedicated to building relational bridges through Jesus

New Wine is designed to help students and the communities they serve learn how to build relational bridges through Jesus in many key areas including: racial and ethnic diversity, religious pluralism, faith and science, gender and sexuality, and conflict transformation.  This includes engaging those whose views we do not share, demonstrating unconditional love, understanding, and a constant commitment to learning from each other while sharing a common cause to help the broader community flourish.  We seek to go through our convictions in search of common ground in our every interaction, rather than going around or stopping short at them.  By doing this, we take the path less traveled, recognizing that Jesus has already gone before us. 

New Wine imparts a vision for holistic education for the whole person in the church in the global village. It heightens the awareness of students and the communities they serve to the pressing concerns facing postmodern culture. New Wine goes beyond merely informing people to inviting them to respond, inspiring them to sense the need and take ownership in meeting the need. Finally, it offers suggestions for resolving problems and engaging issues by way of conferences, forums, immersion events, an online blog, numerous internship opportunities led by our Student Coordinator, and a Mentorship program immersing students in our key areas of engagement. For more information on mentorship and upcoming events, visit our website: www.theologyofculture.com.

In November 2004, New Wine launched a biannual, peer-reviewed academic journal, Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture. The journal’s aim is to pursue a biblically informed, Christ-centered, trinitarian engagement of contemporary culture. For more information or to subscribe, please visit our Web site at www.culturalencountersjournal.com.

As part of our work through an ongoing grant initiative from the American Association for the Advancement of Science that New Wine oversees for the Seminary, in 2016 we hosted a conference and a series of forums related to the topic: “Church and Science: Partners for the Common Good” (www.churchandscience.com). In 2017, we continue to explore the dialogue of faith and science by examining how they can work together to address the various topics related to “Trauma and Resilience,” which is also the subject and title of our 2017 conference. For more information on the conference and the church forums associated with it, visit our website www.theologyofculture.com. The aim of New Wine’s work with the grant is to partner with the Seminary and local churches in becoming better equipped in preparing Christian leaders for more effective ministry in a scientific age. In addition to our work on faith and science, New Wine engages extensively on matters pertaining to multi-faith discourse as we prepare graduates (including chaplains and pastors) on how to be discerning witnesses in an increasingly pluralistic culture.

In addition to the many extra-curricular events and our mentorship program that helps communicate New Wine’s ethos, in partnership with Multnomah Seminary/Multnomah University we offer several degrees that integrate our core values and areas of engagement with strong interdisciplinary training. The Master of Arts in Applied Theology (MAAT), Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS), and the Doctor of Ministry in Cross-Cultural Engagement, all help equip you with the skills needed to understand and critically assess how to navigate complex ideas and relationships in quickly changing cultural environments in a biblical manner. We are honored that many of the students who have worked with New Wine and are now graduates, are working as pastors, chaplains, teachers, academics and authors, in the fields of justice, social, and advocacy work, areas of business, and many other domains. In this way they are connecting New Wine’s emphasis on building relational bridges through Jesus to all intersections of life in Portland and beyond.