2018-2019 University Catalog



The Humanities major is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation in the areas of English, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Music and other Fine Arts.  We believe the program fits very well the mission of Multnomah University, which already values the integration of fields of study as a way of understanding ourselves and the world.  The program also addresses the growing need for broadly trained individuals, equipped to adapt to an ever-changing vocational landscape. 

The BA in Humanities is useful and adaptable for many endeavors.  It could open the door to a professional career in law, theology, education, or government service via graduate school.  Employment opportunities include business, research, creative writing, digital media, library and archival work, and arts organization management.  National and state surveys reveal that employers in business and in the professions highly value graduates who have complete a Humanities/Interdisciplinary-style course of study.

Program Outcomes

  • Evaluate information and ideas, with the ability to critically distinguish between various sources of ideas, to test ideas subjecting them to relevant criteria. (HUM1)
  • Understand and articulate a problem that needs to be solved, and the knowledge of various methods of analysis that might be relevant to the problem.  (HUM2)
  • Use the resources from more than one area to help define a problem or ask a question, and suggest approaches to addressing the problem or question. (HUM3)
  • Discern how and why things came to be as they are, and how they might be different. (HUM4)
  • Application of knowledge and skills to a wide variety of contexts. (HUM5)

In addition to meeting all B.A. degree requirements including general education and the Bible core, the humanities student must meet the listed major requirements.