2019-2020 University Catalog

Spiritual Life

Multnomah University seeks to create an environment that fosters opportunities for spiritual formation. Thus, we are committed to bringing together the Multnomah community on a regular basis to focus on individual and corporate spiritual growth. We believe that doing so is paramount to fulfilling our institutional mission.

Devotional Opportunities

To reinforce Multnomah’s commitment to the corporate spiritual life of its students, the university community gathers Monday and Thursday mornings for chapel services. Throughout the week, there are a variety of other spiritually-focused programs for the community to attend as well. All of these provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to be spiritually formed through teaching, worship, and prayer.

Attendance Requirements for Undergraduate Students

Devotional Opportunities provide intentional times beyond the classroom for the community to come together for encouragement and support so we may learn to live authentically and fully for Christ. Undergraduate students are required to participate in a set number of hours of devotional activities. Refer to the student handbook for specific details on how to fulfill this requirement through attendance at Chapels, Day of Prayer and Day of Outreach, Christian Life Conference, and the Global Ministry Conference, and for the accountability process.

Seminary and Graduate Devotional Opportunities

Seminary and graduate students are invited to attend university chapels and other devotional opportunities. In addition, the seminary will hold fellowship gatherings and spiritual life activities periodically to encourage the spiritual life of seminarians.

Days of Prayer & Praise or Outreach

A ½ day of classes are cancelled in the Fall so students, staff and faculty can serve the local community, ministry organizations and the local neighborhood in practical service projects.  A ½ day of classes are also cancelled in the fall semester for students, faculty and staff to have focused prayer and worship for the University, community and the world.

Christian Life Conference & Global Ministries Conference

Each semester the Spiritual Life team leads two university conferences.  The Christian Life Conference is held early in the Fall semester and this annual conference helps students gain perspective and spiritual preparation for a year of study and learning.

Global Ministries Conference (GMC) occurs in the spring semester. The primary aim of this conference is for every student to take an in-depth look at what God is doing globally; therefore, a variety of GMC sessions and workshops are provided various times throughout the week. Classes are still in-session.

Church Attendance

Multnomah encourages all students to attend a local church and to participate in the life of that church community.