2019-2020 University Catalog

Student Involvement

Multnomah recognizes that student activities play an important role in the student’s collegiate experience. Therefore, while at MU, students will enjoy a wide array of recreational and social opportunities that foster relationships with their peers and others in the community. In addition to on-campus opportunities, within just a short driving distance, students can hike, visit waterfalls, parks, and many other activities which add to their university experience.

Student Leadership

With the goals of creating, organizing, and implementing sustainable, educational activities and programming that will nurture our student body and the surrounding community, our student leadership team positions are highly sought-after opportunities to contribute to campus life. All student leaders go through extensive leadership development training and are advised by a staff member committed to contributing toward students’ personal growth. Multnomah has student leadership positions within the following areas: Residence Life, Commuter Life, Student Government Association, Spiritual Life, New Student Orientation, and Voices Scholars.

Student Government Association

Endeavoring to develop student leaders who inspire a culture where scholarship compels practice, the Student Government Association exists to advocate for student needs and interests, empower student ingenuity, and initiate occasions for spiritual growth, community development, and cultural engagement. Student Government is comprised of seven student leaders, two of which are elected by the student body. These two positions, President and Vice President, along with the Chief Financial Officer, form the executive council. The four additional student leaders serve as committee chairs, working together with the executive council in a number of areas, including Advocacy, Communication, Clubs & Organizations, and Student Activities.

Voices Scholars

The Voices Scholarship is intended to develop students of color and their allies - known as Voices Scholars - as leaders on the MU campus.  This is accomplished by mentoring, providing leadership opportunities and spreading awareness of diversity and inclusion efforts from student-driven platforms.  The Scholars participate in diversity and inclusion initiatives, including events, workshops and training sessions.  They also give and receive mentoring to support them through their experience at Multnomah.  Each Scholar also takes a rotation weekly being available to serve other students in the Multicultural Center.


Intramural athletic events are coordinated by the Student Government Association and include men’s, women’s, and coed opportunities for athletic competition. Typically, the intramural schedule includes volleyball, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee. Faculty, staff, graduate students and alumni are invited to participate.

New Student Orientation

Undergraduate, Seminary and Graduate Orientation programs are held at the beginning of each semester with the goal of providing resources, social connection, and institutional guidance for new students as they enter the Multnomah community. A detailed schedule of events for each program is available to students prior to the beginning of each semester.

Seminary Spouse Enrichment Program

Spouses of full-time seminary students may enroll for personal enrichment in up to two classes each semester. The class must be part of the registered married student’s schedule and nonregistered student quotas are still open. A spouse certificate may be earned upon completion of a required number of formal and informal learning experiences allowing the spouse to “walk” with their spouse at graduation. Contact the Seminary Office for more information.