2019-2020 University Catalog


The Multnomah University campus means much more than a 25-acre slice of real estate with trees, grass, buildings, and sidewalks. It is a living com­munity of students, teachers, and staff – a network of friendships, interactions,­ and individual personalities. The academic portion of the Multnomah experience – studying course materials, attending class, tak­ing exams – is obviously an important­ part of campus life. But it is only a part. What transpires between student and professor, between student and student – and between student and God – may have even more profound implications.

Lives have been challenged, changed, and redirected through a spontaneous conversation in a hallway,­ through heart-to-heart ­discus­sion with a professor, through a prayer session in a residence hall, or through a lifelong friendship forged over several years of shared joys and concerns. Multnomah’s campus is certainly a place to live and a place to learn. But, it is also a place to laugh, a place to grow, and a place to discover the warmth of God’s grace and love in dynamic relationship with His people.