2019-2020 University Catalog

Bachelor’s Degree

Although Multnomah offers a wide range of majors, in addition to completing a Bible core students can choose to pursue a Bible major. Multnomah continues to offer a recognized undergraduate biblical major leading to a bachelor’s degree. The major in Bible is designed to bring students to a sound working knowledge of the Word of God, so that they may share those life-transforming principles in a variety of contexts. Thus the development in skills for communicating biblical truth and for ministry are provided through additional majors and/or minors in ministry areas.

Bible Core

Multnomah University believes that a thorough knowledge of the Word of God is basic to all successful Christian service and that nothing can be substituted for it. For this reason, the undergraduate school has made the teaching of the Bible a key component of the bachelor’s degree.

As a result of this focus on Bible in the curriculum, the student is able to obtain a sound and thorough training in the Word of God. The student learns various methods of Bible study and acquires skills in arranging and presenting the Word to others. Students give practical expression to these developing skills as they engage in various forms of service learning.

Major or Minor

A varied program of majors and minors has been provided to enable students to specialize in a particular area of interest for preparation in the liberal arts, ministry and the professions. Entering students are encouraged to begin a major their first year. Each of the majors and minors is explained as to importance, purpose, and requirements­ in the pages that follow. All majors emphasize integration of faith and learning, and lead students through a developmental program appropriate to the discipline.  The result is knowledge and leadership skills commensurate with the bachelor’s level in Arts and Sciences, Ministry, or other professional areas. Students selecting a minor in addition to a major choose to specialize in an additional area of interest. The program gives vision for future careers and develops leadership for involvement in God’s work throughout the world.

Majors and minors are available in these areas: accounting, Bible, biology, business administration, business and organizational psychology, church leadership, English, environmental science, exercise science, global studies, Greek, Hebrew, history, humanities, music, psychology, TESOL and youth & educational ministries.

Students can also choose to just focus in the area of Biblical and Theological studies by completing the 38 hour major in Bible and Theology. Students who major in Bible and Theology may want to add an advanced concentration (an additional 12 hours) in Biblical Languages, Biblical Studies, Theology of Cultural Engagement or Theological Studies.

Declaring a Major or Minor

All students are expected to declare a major by the time they have earned 32 semester hours. Transfers entering with 32 credits can delay registering their major for the first semester, but must declare their choice by the end of the first semester in residence at Multnomah. Students who have not declared a major, nor arranged for an extension with the registrar by the time they have completed 32 credits, will be unable to register the following semester until they have clarified their degree plans with the registrar.

General Education

General education provides learn­ing experiences to enhance and complement­ the academic majors and provides the student with an integrated Christian worldview. A general education supplies an understanding and awareness of broad areas of language, history, philosophy, communication, science, and human development, an essential complement to biblical studies in shaping godly attitudes and behavior in our contemporary world. 

Students should complete the majority of general education courses by the end of the sophomore­ year as displayed in the program of study. Students must complete ENG 120 College Writing during the freshman year, and ENG 220 Critical Reading and Writing the sophomore year. Writing Foundations, if required, must be completed in the first semester. Information about CLEP and AP credit for general education is available from the registrar.

Online Programs and Courses

Multnomah offers fully online degrees as well as online courses. Currently the BA with a major in Biblical & Theological Studies is being offered as a fully online program along with Applied Psychology and Business Management. 

Students must have reliable Internet access and an active email address. Although classes will be asynchronous (all students do not need to be online at the same time), students will interact with their instructor and classmates through forums, email, and web conferencing.

Courses are eight weeks in length. Students should consult the class schedule to determine which courses are being offered in a given semester. Students are limited to taking no more than two online courses at one time and traditional undergraduate students are limited to a maximum of six credits of online in a semester.

Study Abroad Options

Study abroad options are available through the CCCU (Council of Christian Colleges and Universities), of which Multnomah University is an affiliate member. CCCU offers culture-shaping programs in the USA as well as culture-crossing programs in Australia, China, Latin America, the Middle East, England, Russia, and Uganda. Options are also available through Veritas and Go.Ed study abroad organizations taking students to many nations to pursue experiential opportunities while working on their degrees. For further information contact the Academic Dean’s office.

In addition, annual campus based short-term study abroad opportunities (to Europe and Latin America) are available through the History, Global Studies and Youth Ministries departments. Contact department chairs for more information.

Summit: 5 Year BA/MDIV

This unique program provides an accelerated approach to higher education for those entering students who are called to vocational church ministry (or other ministries) and are committed to excellence in academics. Summit students will complete both a Bachelor of Arts in Bible/Theology and Master of Divinity in only five years. The normal time to receive both of these degrees separately is seven years (four for the BA and three for the MDIV).  

Those who wish to specialize further may also select from three BA/MA programs choosing from majors in Church Leadership, Youth & Educational Ministries or Global Studies.

Summit is best characterized by the word “high”. High achieving students are exposed to a focused wealth of curricular offerings, high touch in mentoring, and the high, holy calling of pastoral/ministry leadership! Summit truly is about both the journey and the destination of achieving great heights! Interested applicants can contact the Admissions Department (admiss@multnomah.edu) or the Summit Director, Dr. Mark Belokonny (mbelokonny@multnomah.edu) for more information.