2019-2020 University Catalog



The Humanities major is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation in the areas of English, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Music and other Fine Arts.  We believe the program fits  the mission of Multnomah University, which already values the integration of fields of study as a way of understanding ourselves and the world.  The program also addresses the growing need for broadly trained individuals, equipped to adapt to an ever-changing vocational landscape. 

The Humanities major prepares students for further graduate study in the humanities and related disciplines.  A major in the Humanities, especially after advanced study, can lead to careers in law, education, government, research, creative writing, journalism, business, museum and archival work, arts organization management, and ministry.  National and state surveys reveal that employers in business and in the professions highly value graduates who have completed a Humanities/Interdisciplinary-style course of study.

Program Outcomes

The assessment plan for the BA in Humanities will utilize direct and indirect assessment measures from most required courses in this interdisciplinary course of study.

  • Evaluate information and ideas by critically distinguishing between a variety of sources, testing ideas by subjecting them to relevant criteria. (HUM1)
  • Analyze a problem from the broad perspective of multiple lenses. (HUM2)
  • Propose a coherent appraisal of how and why culture both reflects and shapes moral and ethical worldviews and values. (HUM3)
  • Detect correlations between disciplines and how those correlations can help define and suggest new, synectic approaches to addressing problems and questions facing individuals, communities, and societies. (HUM4)
  • Devise a comprehensive, multidisciplinary perspective with Christian theological principles. (HUM5)

Humanities Study Abroad Programs

Humanities majors may elect to enroll in semester abroad programs through CCCU and Veritas.

In addition to meeting all B.A. degree requirements including general education and the Bible core, the humanities student must meet the listed major requirements.

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