2019-2020 University Catalog



The psychology major is built upon a foundation of substantial general education core and works in conjunction with the biblical/ theological core. The psychology major employs the liberal arts in providing an understanding of social scientific perspectives on human behavior. The major in psychology focuses on seven central themes: foundational psychological history and theory; psychological research; human development; mental illness and its treatment; the biological, social, psychological, and spiritual foundations of human behavior; human diversity, and an overview of biblical approaches to psychology. The psychology minor is also offered and provides opportunities to study a broad spectrum of psychologically related issues concerning human nature and behavior with integration of biblical worldviews.

A major in psychology can lead to careers in teaching, counseling, therapy, public service, social work, and Christian ministry. A minor is psychology will assist students to view their course of study within a social framework and will allow for a better understanding of how to work with people.

Program Outcomes

The mission of the Psychology Department is to equip students with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for graduate work in psychology and related fields, while thought-fully integrating a Christian world view, so that they might be a transforming force in world for Christ.

The psychology program is designed to help students gain the following program objectives:

  • Articulate a deeper understanding of human experience, motivation, and behavior, derived from psychological theories, the history of psychology, and psychological research. (UP.1)
  • Understand, evaluate, and synthesize the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual theories of human behavior and mental processes. (UP.2)
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate psychology, the liberal arts, and theology in the context of faith and learning, and apply this understanding to the Church and the community. (UP.3)
  • Articulate an understanding of human diversity and how to approach individuals with sensitivity. (UP.4)
  • Articulate an understanding of human development and how development impacts human behavior. (UP.5)
  • Articulate an understanding of social science research methodologies and statistical procedures, and apply this to the interpretation of statistical analyses, the implementation of psychological research, and the critical evaluation of research studies. (UP.6)
  • Gain knowledge of basic counseling skills and practice the application of counseling theories to the treatment of psychological disorders. (UP.7)

General Education Social Science: Include three semester hours of subjects other than psychology.

In addition to meeting all the B.A. degree requirements including general education and the Bible core, the psychology student must complete the listed major requirements.

FACULTY: Elliott Lawless, Moriah LaFeber, Syrett Torres, Jim Velez, Brandi Walters, Guy White, Kristen White.

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