2020-2021 University Catalog

Global Ministries Emphasis

In the conviction that “the field is the world,” Multnomah makes every effort to impress upon students God’s heart for the world and His desire to bring salvation, hope and transformation to people’s lives. Through programs like Global Studies, TESOL, Global Development and Justice and others, Multnomah provides all students an opportunity to be involved in global ministries. Weekly student ministry opportunities, study abroad and internship options bring the need home in a practical, personal way. The University seeks to consistently present avenues for cross-cultural ministry, both at home and abroad, by engaging with people from distinct backgrounds.

Global Ministries Team

Multnomah believes in student involvement and prioritizes giving opportunities to be directly involved in leading global ministries efforts on campus, in Portland and the world. This team is in charge of convening mission chapels, raising awareness about pressing mission issues locally and globally, and developing prayer movements on campus. In addition, students on this team convene, organize and lead Multnomah’s Global Ministries Conference annually. Students are mentored and advised by faculty and a Graduate Assistant for Spiritual Life.

Global Ministries Conference

Multnomah sets aside three days in the spring semester for ­students to interface­ with more than fifty missionaries representing­ a wide spectrum of evangelical missionary organizations. In addition to learning from daily messages, students can interact with agency representatives about methods, challenges, and opportunities in cross-cultural work through panel discussions, question-and-answer forums, and workshops.

Because of the school’s consistent focus on missions, over 1,300 Multnomah graduates have accepted foreign missionary posts, and 1,200 more serve the Lord in home missions, youth work, and the pastorate.