2020-2021 University Catalog

Spiritual Life

Multnomah University seeks to create an environment that fosters opportunities for spiritual formation. Thus, we are committed to bringing together the Multnomah community on a regular basis to focus on individual and corporate spiritual growth. We believe that doing so is paramount to fulfilling our institutional mission.

Spiritual Formation Opportunities (Chapel)

We believe Spiritual Formation and growth happen best in the context of meaningful relationships.  To this end, the Multnomah Undergraduate community gathers regularly to engage in spritual formation and also to build relationships.  Throughout the week, there are various spiritually focused programs for the community to attend.  All of these provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to be spiritually formed through teaching, worship, and prayer.

Multnomah Community Chapel

Every Thursday during the semester the Multnomah community of Undergraduate Students, Faculty and Staff are invited to come together for an all university chapel. 

Chapel & Spiritual Formation Course (CHP100)

All undergraduate students have a Chapel & Spiritual Formation requirement.  There are many on-campus Chapel opportunities that provide intentional times beyond the classroom for the community to come together for encouragement and support.  Undergraduate students need to enroll in the Chapel Spiritual Formation course, CHP100 each semester (in accordance with their graduation requirement).

  • See below for the Chapel Spiritual Formation graduation requirement.
    This course is required for graduation for MU Undergraduate Students (not for credit)
  • Entering Freshmen need Six semesters of Chapel & Spiritual Formation course (CHP100)
  • Transfer Sophomores need Four semesters of CHP100
  • Transfer Juniors need Two semesters of CHP100
  • Transfer Seniors do not have a requirement, but are encouraged to attend.

Seminary and Graduate Devotional Opportunities

Seminary and graduate students are invited to attend University chapels and other devotional opportunities. In addition, the seminary will hold fellowship gatherings and spiritual life activities periodically to encourage the spiritual life of seminarians.

Days of Prayer & Praise or Outreach

A ½ day of classes are cancelled in the Fall so students, staff and faculty can serve the local community, ministry organizations and the local neighborhood in practical service projects.  A ½ day of classes are also cancelled in the fall semester for students, faculty and staff to have focused prayer and worship for the University, community and the world.

Multnomah University Emphasis Weeks

Each semester the Spiritual Life & Wellness team leads and co-leads focus weeks for the entire university.  These emphasis weeks provide additional chapel and spiritual formation credits towards the chapel requirement. 

  • Christian Life Week is held early in the Fall semester and this annual conference helps students gain perspective and spiritual preparation for a year of study and learning.
  • Mosaic Week is a Diversity and Cultural awareness week planned and hosted by SGA in partnership with Spiritual Life and Cultural Integration team.
  • Wellness Week is held every January and is focused on mental, spiritual and physical wellness.
  • Global Mission Week is held every Spring focused on the mission of reaching people for Christ locally and globally.  This conference is also a partnership with the Global Studies Department.

Church Attendance

Multnomah encourages all students to attend a local church.  Every Fall semester the Spiritual Life Office hosts a church fair to showcase many of the local churches in the community.