2020-2021 University Catalog

BUS 314 Leadership

Christians are called to conduct leadership in government, commerce, schools, neighborhoods, parachurch ministries and more. In that context, this course will explore key facets of leadership learning to serve both religious and nonreligious organizations in a manner consistent with their faith. Through intensive, experiential learning and practice, students will be immersed in the study of leadership, and will directly apply themselves in leadership opportunities. This course takes a cross-curriculum approach to exposing students to the many facets of leadership and, in a motivational setting, encourages them to find their own personal leadership style, ultimately identifying the emerging leader within. Leadership students will directly apply themselves in leadership opportunities through a series of lectures, group exercises, and experiential learning projects with outside agencies. Content areas include decision-making, goal setting, effective communication, organization and time management skills, and concrete strategies to implement change. Particular focus will be on the servant leadership model which is couched in a spiritual understanding of human identity and mission, that solves problems, promotes personal development, and maximizes the effectiveness of organizations. Offered alternate years.




BUS 321 and BUS 302


Spring Semester