2020-2021 University Catalog

Educational Distinctives

Advanced Standing – Waiver of Course and Credit

Students may apply for advanced standing which results in the reduction in the number of credits required for the degree. A student must demonstrate that they have the knowledge, competence or skill that would normally be provided by the specific courses for which they are seeking advanced standing. Each degree program has a specific list of courses for which advanced standing may be sought. Refer to the degree program requirements page for specific information about courses and detail on amount of credit that can be earned utilizing the advanced standing process.

Waivers may be granted in one of the following two ways:

  1. Proficiency Exam: Student may pass a proficiency exam for a specific course.
  2. Transcript Evaluation: An evaluation may be done on a student’s transcript (usually with a major in Bible, theology, or a related field). Courses which are determined to be comparable to specific required courses at MBS may be applied with credit. A syllabus for each course would be reviewed along with an oral interview. A review of course papers may also be required. A minimum grade of B must have been earned on each course considered. Courses under review cannot be more than ten years old.

There is a $75 fee charged for each course for which advanced standing credit is successfully waived, whether by exam or transcript review. The waiver of course and credit application is available online and must be filed with the Registrar’s Office during the first semester of course work.

If a student is not eligible for advanced standing, or if it is past the start of the student’s second semester of enrollment, the student may still be eligible for course substitutions through the Program Adjustment process. When a Program Adjustment is approved, a required course may be waived and another course be approved to substitute in its place. No credits are waived with this process, but substitutions are made.

Schedule Flexibility

Many Multnomah students are “in-ministry,” working at least half-time in ministry, and have other work and family responsibilities in addition to their courses. Required second and third year courses for the M. Div. and MACL programs are typically scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays, though some semesters may include Wednesday courses.

Some required courses and many electives are offered as one-and two-week intensive courses that meet during Summer School (June). Almost all courses are also available through the seminary’s online education program.

Mentored Ministry

The mentored ministry program emphasizes the hands-on aspect of ministry training. Ministry mentors working with seminary faculty contribute their years of ministry experience to a mentoring program that prepares a student for ministry through broad exposure to a range of ministry experiences.

Distance Education

Students enrolled in M.Div. and MA programs can complete their degrees without relocating to Portland.

Multnomah bridges the gap for students interested in pursuing seminary education while remaining in their ministry, employment, or place of residence. Students can meet their educational goals for furthering the Kingdom of God worldwide with minimal impact on the roots they have already established in their own communities.

Multnomah offers fully online degrees as well as a hybrid of two different learning formats: online courses and intensive courses.

Students can take up to 100% of the MABS and MATS online; As of Fall 2016, the Association of Theological Schools has granted Multnomah Biblical Seminary a residency exemption that allows students to take 100% of the MDIV and MACL online. Currently, Multnomah does not offer more than 50% of courses at Reno, NV.

Online courses are similar to traditional, in-residence seminary courses. Students read the same textbooks, listen to and interact with the instructor and other students, write papers, take quizzes and tests – all in the convenience of the student’s home. If there are enough students in the same area taking the same course, workgroups may meet occasionally for discussion. There are no additional fees for online courses.

Multnomah Biblical Seminary offers M.Div. and MA courses in Reno, Nevada.  Courses offered in the Reno-Tahoe area are held at the Multnomah University Reno-Tahoe facility located at 1100 Kietzke Lane.