2020-2021 University Catalog



The history major is designed for students who desire an in-depth perspective on the movements­ that brought about Western Civilization and a deeper appreciation of their intellectual heritage. In contrast to other concentrations within biblical and theological studies, historical studies employs the liberal arts for understanding and evaluating the complex relationship between Christianity and culture. Courses emphasize critical reading, discussion, and analysis of differing interpretations. To provide additional research experience, majors complete courses in historical method, reading and conference, and guided research. As a result, this major provides­ preparation for further graduate studies in the humanities and history. A major in history, especially after advanced study, can lead to careers in teaching and writing history, in museums and archival work, and in a wide variety of other professions ranging from management, journalism, law, and government service to the pastorate and missions.

Program Outcomes

  • Build the intellectual abilities of students by promoting critical thinking skills. (UH.1)
  • Introduce students to the nature, standards, and realities of historical scholarship. (UH.2)
  • Assist students in employing the liberal arts for evaluating the complex relationship between Christianity and culture. (UH.3, UH.5)
  • Enhance student understanding of the movements that brought about civilization and deepen stu­dent awareness of the importance of culture for human existence. (UH.4)
  • Improve student abilities to search for valid sources of information and develop the capacity to weigh evidence and argument. (UH.5)
  • Enrich the communication skills of students by offering opportunities­ to present orally and in writing information of a historical nature accompanied by ­professional feedback. (UH.6)

In addition to meeting all B.A. degree requirements including general education and the Bible core, the history student must meet the listed major or minor requirements.

History Study Abroad Programs

In addition to England and France short term study abroad opportunities offered by the MU history department, history majors are also able to enroll in semester abroad programs through CCCU, VERITAS and GO.ED. Included in these semester abroad programs are opportunities to study in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, England, France, Italy, Rwanda, Peru, South Africa, South Korea and Thailand. See the history department program director for more information.

FACULTY: Brad Harper, Philip M. Johnson, John Knox, Daniel A. Scalberg.

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