2021-2022 University Catalog

Educational Philosophy

While we live and work in a world of rapid change, Multnomah Biblical Seminary holds eternal values to be embraced and imparted. Three of these constitute the core of our educational mission: the unchanging Son of God, the inerrant Word of God, and the immeasurable value of people. Consequently, the seminary’s educational philosophy can be summarized as preparing Christian leaders to take revealed truth about the risen Savior to people.

“Biblical” is at the center of our mission, programs and curriculum, as well as our name. Effective ministry training presumes a knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. At Multnomah, we not only teach about the Bible, but insist that students interact honestly, thoroughly, and personally with the biblical text itself. Our theology and ministry philosophy flows out of the text. Faculty members model a willingness to let Scripture inform their worldview, approach to ministry, and personal Christian walk.

Through every facet of our educational program, we encourage one another to strive toward Christ-likeness and emulate the traits of a humble servant-leader. Spiritual formation courses, the mentored ministry experience, and the regular curriculum reinforce this emphasis.

Ministry always involves people helping people. Ministry preparation hones the habits and skills necessary for bringing to people the good news of Christ and the mirror of His Word. Servant-leaders must possess a passion to care for people–whether believers active in the local church or nonbelievers who need to respond. They must sharpen their skills to understand and equip their church, serve their community, and impact their world.