2021-2022 University Catalog

MA TESOL and MA Global Development and Justice Dual Degree Program



The MA TESOL (Master's of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) & MA GDJ (Master's of Arts in Global Development & Justice) dual degree program offers students an opportunity to complete both the MA TESOL and MA GDJ programs in three years through a combined curriculum.  This program provides students with extensive study of linguistics, education, cultural responsiveness, and best practices in poverty alleviation, combating injustices in society, and advocating for the most vulnerable.  This program cultivates your spiritual formation so that you can thrive in a rewarding career that serves the global community.  If you want to have a global impact through teaching English with an eye for development, this program is for you.

Program Outcomes

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FACULTYLeroy Barber, Sean Benesh, Michael Bess, Greg Burch, Karen Fancher, Kristi French, Rodney Green, Kristyn Kidney, Adrienne Livingston, Paul Metzger, Marcel Newsome, Michael Pucci, Leah Wheeler.

The dual degree program consists of a total of 67 credit hours.  This combines the 37 credit hour MA TESOL and the 39 credit hour MA GD&J.  The following courses count towards both degrees.

  • LIN558 TESOL Practicum replaces GLS630 GD&J Internship (2)
  • GLS640 GD&J Internship II replaces LIN600 TESOL Internship (2)
  • GLS624 Applied Field Research Methodology replaces LIN556 Educational Research (3)
  • SF 511 Principles of Spiritual Formation & SF 740 Guided Studies in Spiritual Formation (combined) replace IS 701 Christian Theology & World Religions (3)

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