2021-2022 University Catalog

Biblical Languages


A working knowledge of Greek and/or Hebrew is a valuable asset in the study and interpretation of the Bible. It enables students of the English Bible to draw from the wealth of the original languages of Scripture. It provides prospective pastors and Bible teachers with new insights into the Word of God, which enhance their ministry and effectiveness. It supplies prospective missionary-translators with a background for linguistic and translation work. This course of study provides excellent preparation for those interested in graduate studies. And it contributes to the personal spiritual development of Christian layworkers in any area of service.

The mission of the Biblical Languages department is to produce students who confidently read Greek and/or Hebrew so that they will continually­ employ their knowledge of the biblical languages in careful and competent­ interpretation of the biblical text which directly impacts their lives and their interaction with the world.

Program Outcomes

  • Produce meaningful English translations of texts. (BL1)
  • Apply knowledge of grammar and syntax to the task of interpretation. (BL2)
  • Use language resources to address exegetical issues in the text. (BL3)
  • Display insight and critical analysis when interacting with scholarly resources. (BL4)

In recognition of these values, Multnomah provides a four-year major in Greek and Hebrew. Students may also choose a Greek or Hebrew minor by completing two years of their chosen language. The requirements for a major or minor in biblical languages are listed in the charts below and must be completed in addition to all standard B.A. degree requirements. An Advanced Concentration in Biblical Languages consisting of one year of study in each language is also available as part of the Bible/Theology major.

FACULTY: Rebekah Josberger, Karl Kutz, John Terveen.

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