2021-2022 University Catalog

Ministry and Pastoral Leadership


For decades Multnomah has been a leader in training up Christian leaders for churches, mission organizations, and para parochial ministries.  Our alumni serve around the world and have done great things for the kingdom of God.  The Ministry and Pastoral Leadership major adds a practical focus to the excellent Bible training Multnomah is know for.  With the 30 hours of Bible/Theology and 33 hours of Ministry training, students will be well equipped to find their place of service in a world that desperately needs them.  

Program Outcomes

Students who complete the major will be able to:

  • Define and develop a biblically-based philosophy of ministry. (ML1)
  • Understand the purpose and nature of the church. (ML2)
  • Value a biblical perspective of worldwide ministry. (ML3)
  • Nurture character qualities necessary for spiritual ministry. (ML4)
  • Determine and develop a ministry emphasis consistent with personal interests, talents, gifts, and values. (ML5)
  • Evaluate methods and approaches for effective ministry. (ML6)
  • Experience practical involvement in a variety of ministries. (ML7)

In addition to meeting all B.A. degree requirements including general education, the ministry and pastoral leadership student must meet the listed major or minor ­requirements.

FACULTY: Rob Hildebrand, visiting instructors.

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