2021-2022 University Catalog

Online Bachelor's Degree Programs

Multnomah University offers several fully online degree programs.  Students seeking an online degree program have the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s degree by majoring in Applied Psychology, Bible and Theology, or Business Management.

Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission, applicants must:

  • Submit an application
  • Submit official transcripts from all schools previously attended
  • Complete any program prerequisites


Cost for 2021-2022

Tuition per credit hour $580
Application Fee $40
Technology Fee (per semester) $140

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology, Bible and Theology, or Business Management students must:

1. Complete 120-124 semester credit hours of the following requirements:

  • 30-39 major credit hours
  • 18 Bible/Theology Core credit hours. Transfer students may have a reduced requirement, but can complete the full 18-hour core for a Bible and Theology minor.  Click here for detailed information on the Bible/Theology core.
  • 25-44 elective credit hours (Elective hours vary due to inclusion of some general education hours in the major.)
  • 41 general education credit hours from the following areas:

    (Depending on major, some general education credits are included in the major)

    • English/Communication – Requires 9 semester credit hours and must include two courses in English composition/writing and one course in communication.
    • Humanities – Requires 12 semester credit hours and must include a course in philosophy, fine arts and literature.
    • Social Science – Requires 9 semester credit hours and must include a course in history.
    • Natural Science and Math – Requires 9 semester credit hours and must include a course in math and a lab science.
    • General Education Electives – Requires 2 semester credit hours from English/Communication, Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science or Math.

2.  A minimum of 32 semester hours must be completed through Multnomah University.  These must include 15 hours in the student's major. 

3.  Earn a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least a 2.0.

4.  At least 36 hours of upper-division credit.

5.  Normally complete the program within an eight year period from the date of initial enrollment.

6.  Fulfill all financial obligations to Multnomah University.


Prior Learning Assessment
Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is the process of earning college credit for college-level learning acquired from other sources, such as volunteer or work experiences, professional training, military training, or other nontraditional learning experiences. Students petition the University for credit by submitting appropriate documents or writing learning experience essays that provide evidence of college-level learning. The evaluation process and awarding of credit is determined by faculty.

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