2021-2022 University Catalog

Professional Sales


The Professional Sales degree at Multnomah University prepares students with relevant, project-based learning to develop sales skills, which are sought-after skills in both Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing technology firms.  It is built upon a firm foundation in the major concepts in the functional areas of business including management, marketing, economics, accounting and finance.  Throughout the program, students are equipped to communicate professionally and develop the in-demand skills needed by business and Sales professionals today.  Students learn the concepts of business through a Biblical perspective with a focus on understanding that business is a vocation, a calling of God.  Students not only learn the concepts but also demonstrate the ability to integrate and apply business and Sales theories into real-world settings.

Program Outcomes

  • To prepare future Sales professionals to understand the major concepts in the functional areas of business. (SAL1)
  • To equip students to communicate professionally. (SAL2)
  • To develop the in-demand skills students need for business today. (SAL3)
  • To teach business concepts through a Biblical and ethical perspective and to explain how the vocation of business advances the Kingdom of God. (SAL4)
  • To provide opportunities for students to integrate and apply business theories into real-world settings. (SAL5)
  • To prepare students with relevant, project-based sales skills. (SAL6)

In addition to meeting all B.A. degree requirements including general education and the Bible core, the professional sales student must meet the listed major requirements.

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