2021-2022 University Catalog

Recognition for Service and Achievement

All awards are given to students in the traditional undergraduate programs of Multnomah University who are in essential agreement with the school’s doctrinal statement and who maintain a lifestyle consistent with the school’s values as represented by the current student handbook and catalog of Multnomah University, including good standing with the college in the areas of academics, spiritual life, and personal conduct.

The Ethel Herr Award in History recognizes the outstanding academic achievement of a senior history major at Multnomah University. The award is based upon scholarly merit, outstanding cumulative GPA, and demonstrated aptitude for historical research and writing.

The Holly Miller Award and scholarship are given annually for students who have the same heart and commitment to missions as Holly Miller did. Holly died in the spring of 2001 as a Multnomah student during a missions study abroad in Sumba, Indonesia. Holly loved her Savior, loved those who had not yet heard the good news and faced the risk of getting the gospel out with courage. The endowment seeks to promote and perpetuate her zeal for missions. The Holly Miller Award goes to a graduating senior, and the Holly Miller Scholarship goes to a returning student.

The Voices Scholars Award recognizes a student(s) who demonstrates a commitment to enhancing diversity and embracing the Imago Dei in our community.  These students have shown passionate engagement in educational activities and a unique contribution in moving our community to be more inclusive. They are solution focused, resilient and influencers of the highest caliber.  Recipients showcase a tenacious commitment to display inclusive and Christlike behaviors in the face of adversity while honoring diverse voices and perspectives. 

The Unconditional Service Award was established in honor of Roger Porrett, who demonstrated love to the Multnomah University community through service in the cafeteria for more than 40 years.  This award honors a student who has personified Roger's characteristics of unconditional acceptance, consistency, humor, and gracious service.

The Skagen Athletes of the Year Awards honor the man and woman who manifest superb ability in sports, who glorify God in classroom studies, and who witness for Christ by the way they participate in athletic events and in all of life. The award honors Jim and Muriel Skagen, who helped build Multnomah’s sports program into an international ministry.

The Edward W. Goodrick Memorial Award is given annually to the biblical­ languages student who has demonstrated the highest excellence in the Greek or Hebrew major. The award consists of a financial gift and a biblical languages volume dedicated to the memory of Dr. Goodrick, longtime adviser to the biblical languages minor, contributed by John R. Kohlenberger III and Zondervan.

The John W. Lawrence Biblical Studies Award honors a longtime Multnomah Bible professor and is presented to the graduating senior who has demonstrated the highest level of academic scholarship in the areas of biblical and theological studies.

The Annual Faculty Awards were first established December 12, 1966, on a Day of Prayer, to ­recognize students who are exemplary representatives of those whose spiritual maturity produces a healthy and positive influence in the student body toward the accomplishment of the purposes of the college. Two awards are given to students in the college programs, one man and one woman.

Plan for Granting Awards  Awards are presented at Senior Chapel.

Final choice of recipients of all awards is made by the Achievement Awards Committee and the faculty, unless otherwise noted.