2021-2022 University Catalog

Youth and Educational Ministries


The Youth and Educational Ministries program will transform your thinking and prepare you to be a difference-maker in countless lives.  The YEM major combines the best of educational methodology with the social science disciplines of psychology, communication, sociology and leadership theory to produce agents of change for the church and culture.  Our desire is to send out gifted and skillful graduates into churches, onto campuses, to countries and cultures yet to have their youth reached, to therapy offices and detention centers, to the city streets, and to any other place where youth congregate.

Program Outcomes

The objective of the youth and educational ministries program is for each participant to gain the following:

  • Knowledge of the theological, psychological,­ sociological, and historical rudiments of youth ministry. (YM1)
  • Proficiency in assessing needs, developing programs, teaching lessons, and evaluating outcomes in the ministry context. (YM2)
  • Understanding and ability to exercise leadership for equipping people to do the work of ministry. (YM3)
  • Ability to communicate effectively to youth and youth staff. (YM4)
  • Understanding of the personal qualities necessary to minister to youth. (YM5)
  • Practical experience and evaluation in the field of youth ministry. (YM6)

In addition to meeting all B.A. degree requirements including general education and the Bible core, the youth and educational ministries student must meet the following major or minor requirements.

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