2023-2024 University Catalog

Global Development and Justice, M.A.

Requirements for Master of Arts in Global Development and Justice

Required: 36 semester hours; minimum 2.5 GPA.

GLS 501Intro to Global Development and Justice


GLS 515Conflict, Refugees & Complex Disasters


GLS 614Economic and Community Development


GLS 617Peacebuilding & Transformative Justice


GLS 618Children at Risk in Global Contexts


GLS 621Non-Profit Leadership & Project Management


GLS 711Human Rights and Public Policy


GLS 724Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning (MERL)



GLS 630GD&J Internship I


GLS 640GD&J Internship II



GLS 750Thesis I


GLS 760Thesis II


Both the on-campus and online programs require internships or a thesis research project.  Internships are to be completed either over the summer or during second year of the program. In some cases a student may choose to complete a thesis project.  This is usually completed in their second year in the program.  A thesis usually takes two semesters and includes working with a thesis adviser.  For more on these options please consult with the director of the MAGDJ program. 

GLS 650 Global Immersion Studies (This course may be audited or substitute another course with permission from MAGDJ director)

GLS 660 Trauma in the Humanitarian Context (Elective and offered as part of the Graduate Peacebuilding Certificate) Not required for regular MAGDJ program but may substitute another class with permission. 

Click here to download recommended program layout.

Graduate Peacebuilding Certificate (Optional):

Contexts where development and justice initiatives are needed have often been impacted by violence and imbalances of power. Peacebuilding initiatives are imperative for communities to heal and begin the process of rebuilding.  Peacebuilding is an integral component of our Global Development and Justice program and this certificate program provides opportunities to uplevel in this sector. The concept and skills acquired in this certificate are applicable in numerous contexts. 

To complete the certificate, students are required to take courses in the Graduate Peacebuilding Certificate. For more on this graduate certificate please consult  with the MAGDJ director.


Bible Foundations Certificate (Optional):

For students in the Global Development and Justice program who plan to work in a vocational ministry or a church context and do not have previous biblical training (or need to refresh their training), earning a certificate offered by Multnomah Biblical Seminary (MBS) in Bible Foundations can be helpful for such work.  This certificate (which can be taken at the same time as your MAGDJ program) will ensure that you integrate biblical and theological education in the field of Global Development and Justice in a way that prepares you for Christian ministry.  For more on the Bible Foundations certificate please consult the MAGDJ director.

MAGDJ - Executive Track: 36 credits

This track is for students with extensive experience working in the spheres of justice, development and peacebuilding (or other non-governmental and non-profit sectors) and is focused on a customizable model that is paced for executive leaders and includes some traditional class work mixed with directed studies and research.  The difference between the standard MAGDJ track and the executive track is primarily focused on the customizability, prior learning assessment (PLA) and the speed of the track.  The executive track allows for students to complete the program based on the recognition that they are working full-time in mid to high-level positions and takes into consideration past experiences in the sector. 

Upon being accepted into the MAGDJ degree program, students are required to meet with the program director early on to discuss the executive track and to develop a customized plan for completing their degree program.